Friday, August 15, 2008

More swaps!

In true Craftster-style, I joined more swaps after my first one. I'm currently in these swaps:

- Go Green and Recycle swap

- A week of Onesies swap

- Happy Homemaker swap

I'm having SO much of fun participating in these swaps. I would write about what I'm making for these swaps and post pictures, but as of now, I haven't decided if I want to share this blog with others, so I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for my partners. I would probably write about it with pictures after they have received them. I might not share this blog with anyone after's definitely not as good as some of the blogs people have. Mine is just a diary of what I'm up to.

Go Green and Recycle swap:

My partner is a very different personality...different as in she is not the average person I usually meet in life. She has pythons as pets, she works as a makeup artist in the porn industry. I was kinda shocked when I first read her profile. But once I got to know her, it was so fun to craft things for her.

A week of onesies swap:

My partner has 2 boys, and the younger one is almost the same as my baby. I had so much fun embellishing the onesies for her son. I had no idea what was in-style for boys these days, but I did some looking around and I did come up with some creative designs. I hope she likes them. I'm almost done with the onesies...I am now working on some small extras for the 2 kids.

The Happy Homemaker swap

My partner is a busy lady with 2 kids and is going back to school soon. I have a ton of ideas on what to make for her. I already started on something that I have been wanting for myself for sometime. I squealed with delight when I saw this item on her list of things she wants. It's a reusable swiffer cover. I crocheted it and it was so easy and quick! I'm definitely going to make some for myself.


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